Allan Banford

Allan Banford artworks respond directly to the surrounding environment of everyday experiences, unnoticed instances that come alive by his “Laceration” technique, de-constructing the subject to the extent that the meaning is shape-shifted, creating an abstract interpretation that challenge perception and perspective.

His art follows the concept of constant creative evolution, identifying the boundaries between consciousness and reality his creations capture movements, emotions, portraits and, figures revealing an inseparable relationship between dimension and space, this conceptual approach produces unique multi-layered texturised artworks.

The abstract conceptualisation and digital art of Allan Banford’s art have been portrayed as “一期一会 / Ichi-go Ichi-e” / “for this time only, and once in a lifetime” treasuring the unrepeatable nature of the the spacetime theory.

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Humanities. Tangible Things: History Through Artworks. Harvard edX. US.
M.F.A. Master of Fine Arts, Sussex College of Art, UK.
B.F.A. Bachelor in Fine Arts, W. Sussex College of Art and Design, UK.


Art Award louvre emerging artist ∙ Paris.
Canonromo ∙ Video Art Award White Box ∙ Paris.
EGO ∙ ArtSlant Showcase Winner Award ∙ New York.
Mona Blue ∙ 1st Place Absolut Art Exchange UK.
World Citizen Artists Award ∙ Belgravia Gallery.

Solo Exhibitions

AXA Insurance ∙ AXA Prime Lounge ∙ Hong Kong.
Dream Runs ∙ Ritz Carlton ∙ SZ ∙ China.
Digital Rebirth ∙ Shibuya ∙ Tokyo ∙ Japan.
Love ∙ Love Express Foundation ∙ Hong Kong.
Mind States ∙ Ai M50 Gallery ∙ SH ∙ China.
Digital Art Festival ∙ Public Exhibition SZ ∙ China.
Digital Encounter ∙ Solo Exhibition SZ ∙ China.
Les Ballerines ∙ D’auchel collaboration ∙ HK/France.
Nuovo Collection ∙ Casa FENDI ∙ Hong Kong.
Troxler ∙ OKUA ∙ Tokyo ∙ Osaka ∙ Japan.
Artist Talk ∙ Lot88 ∙ Hong Kong.
Longines Masters ∙ Hong Kong
Matter of time Exhibition ∙ M&S ∙ Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Jockey Club ∙ Racing Club ∙ Hong Kong.
Nerve Royal Mail stamp ∙ We gallery ∙ SZ ∙ China.
King of Second Chances∙ Library ∙ London.
The Prophet and his Court ∙ SkyArts ∙ London.
A Series ∙ Supreme Gallery.
The Prophet and his Court ∙ Milroys ∙ London.
A Series ∙ Glasscade Gallery ∙ Stockholm.
Rhetorical Series ∙ The Vault ∙ London.
Rhetorical Series ∙ Holland Park Av ∙ London.
Mona Flat ∙ Degree Art ∙ London.
Mona Flat ∙ Solo Exhibition at the Mansion ∙ London.
Mona Flat ∙ Andy Warhol Absolut-exchange ∙ London.
Exhibbit ∙ Solo Virtual Exhibition ∙ Global.

Group Exhibitions

Fabric Virtual Exhibition ∙ Artgence ∙ Paris ∙ France.
Design Shanghai ∙ China.
Barcu ∙ X-Espacio ∙ Colombia.
The Essential ∙ Loosen Art ∙ Rome ∙ Italy.
Art San Diego ∙ X-Espacio ∙ United States.
Asia Contemporary ∙ Hong Kong.
British contemporary Artist ∙ M&S ∙ Hong Kong.
Elizabeth ∙ Spring Saloon Exhibition ∙ London.
Velvenoir ∙ Virtual Dimensional Luxury ∙ Austria.
Perspectice Scenarios ∙ Halcyon Gallery ∙ London.


Digital Encounter ∙ SZ ∙ China.


Artnet ∙ Allan Banford ∙ UK ∙ US ∙ Germany.
Barnebys ∙ Allan Banford ∙ Stockholm ∙ Sweden.
Winter Contemporary Art 2020 ∙ TimaxArt TimaxGlobal Ltd ∙ New York ∙ US.
Retrospective and Calligraphy series ∙ live auctioneers ∙ New York ∙ US.
Retrospective and Calligraphy series ∙ TimaxGlobal Ltd ∙ London ∙ UK.
Retrospective and Calligraphy series ∙ Invaluable ∙ United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Germany & Australia.
Love ∙ Chuo Tokyo ∙ Hong Kong.         
Retrospective One ∙ Sotheby’s ∙ London ∙ UK.