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Bearbrick(rendered[email protected]) is acollectibletoy designed and produced by the Japanese company MediCom Toy Incorporated. The name is derived from the fact that the figure is acartoon-style representation of a bear and that it is a variation of MediCom’sKubrickdesign. Theat signin the place of the letterais a visual device that is a part of the Bearbrickbrand, and as such, atrademark of MediCom Toy.

The figure is ananthropomorphizedbear with an extremely simplified form and apot belly. Each plastic figure features nine parts (widely referred to astoolsin the toy industry): head, torso, hips, arms, hands, and legs; These nine tools allow eight points ofarticulation:swivelhead, swivel waist,ball jointarms, swivel wrists, and ball joint legs.

Allan Banford Bearbrick limited edition features the basic structure of the Bearbriks covered by the digital artwork and NFT Picnic from the Digitalism series.