Ustrasana by Allan Banford


by Allan Baford / 70cm x 90cm / Paris / 2023.


“Ustrasana” by Allan Banford is a stunning and evocative work of art that celebrates the transformative power of mindfulness and yoga. This breathtaking painting features a figure practicing the yoga pose of Ustrasana against a backdrop of rich, deep greys and yellows that convey a sense of tranquility and inner peace.

The composition of “Ustrasana” is masterfully executed, with Banford’s expert use of color and form creating a sense of flow and movement that draws the viewer in and invites contemplation. From the graceful curve of the figure’s spine to the delicately rendered textures of the surrounding environment, every detail of this painting is imbued with a sense of beauty and serenity.

But “Ustrasana” is more than just a stunning visual display; it is a symbol of the transformative power of yoga and the importance of self-care and mindfulness. This painting reminds us to slow down, breathe deeply, and embrace the beauty and complexity of the present moment.

Whether you are an experienced yogi or simply seeking a beautiful and inspiring piece of art to add to your collection, “Ustrasana” by Allan Banford is a must-have addition. With its exquisite beauty and powerful message, this painting is sure to become a cherished part of your daily life.