Mind States series

Mind: 900; (noun) Middle English mynd(e), aphetic variant (see y-) of imynd, Old English gemynd memory, remembrance, mind; cognate with Gothic gamunds; akin to Latin m?ns mind, Greek manía madness; (v.) Middle English minden, derivative of the noun.

States: 1175–1225; Middle English stat (noun), partly aphetic variant of estat estate, partly < Latin status condition (see status); in defs 7–11 < Latin status (r?rum) state (of things) or status (re? p?blicae) state (of the republic)

The Mind States series of Allan Banford deconstructs the psychological state of someone’s cognitive processes at a certain period; the condition or character of a person’s thoughts or feelings from elaborated abstract portraits that encapsulate feelings, emotions, moods, and distinctive attitudes of the subject emotional state at a particular time.

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