tiger (n.)  Old English tigras (plural), also in part from Old French tigre “tiger” (mid-12c.), both from Latin tigris “tiger,” from Greek tigris, possibly from an Iranian source akin to Old Persian tigra- “sharp, pointed,” Avestan tighri- “arrow,” in reference to its springing on its prey, “but no application of either word, or any derivative, to the tiger is known in Zend.”

sea (n.) Old English sæ ”sheet of water, sea, lake, pool,” from Proto-Germanic *saiwa- (source also of Old Saxon seo, Old Frisian se, Middle Dutch see, Swedish sjö), of unknown origin, outside connections “wholly doubtful” [Buck]. Meaning “large quantity” (of anything) is from c. 1200.

Allan Banford commemorates the year of Tiger with a limited edition collection of hand drawings embedded in a coded generated pattern developed by the artist, representing strength, bravery, wisdom, confidence and individualism of this magnificent creature, portrayed through an unparalleled colour spectrum.

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Allan Banford

Allan Banford